Wednesday, January 28, 2009

learn your lesson

I've been trying to convince my brother the importance of logging out of Facebook, AIM, ANYTHING you might leave up on a public of shared computer.. Maybe this will help him.

I am a sucker for leaving myself logged in on my computer, but do you know what could happen if you stayed logged in on a computer in the library or something?

Well, if your imagination isn't so hott, then Jeff Rosenberg is here to show you what can happen. He did the following things to people who left various accounts open on computers he used.

First, a girl left her school account open, including her class schedule. So what'd he do? Dropped every single one of her classes.

Maybe he was helping her since those classes didn't seem to be anything exciting, but I bet she wasn't too happy when she found out she wasn't in class anymore.

If you were Jeff and found someone's Amazon account left open, credit card information and all saved, what would you do? Personally, I'd probably get myself something great, or send something scandalous/raunchy back to their house. Apparently Mr. Rosenberg has a much better imagination than I do.

Do you see what he got the guy? "The Internet for Dummies." Hopefully it says something in there about staying logged in.

How about an email account? What do you think could be sent if you left your email open?

He didn't do anything too terrible. He just asked her daddy for some extra money for books. No big deal, right?

Oh, right. No big deal minus the fact that "she" said she needed it for friends who she gave loans to guys she's been "hanging out with" who are really "kewl." WOOPS! Awkward. [PS: My favorite line is "kiss kiss muah muah." Bahaha]

Okay, and for the grand finale, OBVIOUSLY someone left their Facebook open. The possibilities with this are ENDLESS. So what happened to the guy who did? Well, a lot of things.

Jeff went to TOWN with this! And as he should! Suddenly Mr. Too-Lazy-To-Log-Out is single, drunk, giving away thongs, and asking all of his now ex-girlfriends' friends to "hang out" soon. I'm guessing his girl wasn't too happy.

So, Jeff, for this "PSA," I'm giving you the genius of the week award. This is fabulous, and I hope everyone, including my brother, will learn the importance of logging out.

And if they don't.. It at least taught us smart ones what we can do to those who don't.


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