Wednesday, January 28, 2009

what happened?!

Remember little Miss Jessica Simpson when she was wearing those Daisy Dukes? At the time, I thought she was a little too skinny, but now, I guess Tony Romo is making her feel good enough about herself that she's not afraid to put a little more meat on her bones.

Here's the thing.. A lot of you might be saying what lil sis Ashlee is saying.. "All women come in different shapes, sizes, and forms." I'm fully aware of this. And I'm not saying that she's FAT by any means.. All I'm saying is, she doesn't look good.

It could totally be this outfit she has on, or the fact that for some reason she looks a good 10 years older than she did the last time I saw a picture of her, but she needs some sort of fixing. Anything and everything that is going wrong in this picture needs to be fixed.

Seriously! She looks like a young grandma. I can't believe anyone let her PERFORM looking like this! We're not living in the 70s, and FUPAs are NOT cool!

Sorry, Jess.. I think you're beautiful.. But this is a bad look. Very bad.


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Milfypoo said...

Mom jeans makes anyone look 15 years older...