Tuesday, January 27, 2009

tunes on tuesday 012709

It's Tunes on Tuesday!!! And since I missed last week [I'm sorry, I know I suck] I feel as though this week's edition is going to be fabulous. :)

First up--> Pleasure P--> Boyfriend #2

This guy is from the group Pretty Ricky [which I didn't know was a group until like, less than a year ago.. Wow.], and I enjoy this song. Yep, sure do. I also enjoy the video, and the girl in it is really pretty. I feel like it's kind of an x-rated version of something Tyler Perry, except not really. We don't need a #2 boyfriend, just a good #1, right? Anyways, good song, officially downloaded.

Savage ft. Angel Dust and Baby Bash--> Wild Out [Chooo Hooo]

First of all... Interesting video....... Second, I don't think I'm a HUGE fan of the video. If someone played it, I wouldn't be mad, and I'd probably dance or something, but I don't think I'll ever play it again for my own pleasure. I'm disappointed. I thought something called "Wild Out" would be a lot more upbeat and fun. Guess not.

Lil Wayne--> Prom Queen

This is the first song off of "Rebirth," his upcoming rock album! Hopefully this is the real, legit version of the song [not video, obvi] because a lot of them have to be sped up/slowed down in order to do okay with copyright issues. My question is though.. Do you think he'll make it in the rock world based on this song? Honestly, I think I'd be disappointed if he did. This whole microphone technology thing and changing people's voices is getting overrated. If we're going to sound like robots, why not just have robots entertain us all the time? The lyrics are there, but if he can write, he should just stick to writing. I don't think I'm supporting this little "gone rock" thing he's doing. Sorry.

Leona Lewis--> I Will Be

This song was written by AVRIL! The girl that disappeared, ya know? Apparently she recorded a version of it too, but for some reason, I'm thinking Leona's is going to skyrocket, unlike Avril's. You know any Leona song is going to get overplayed on the radio, and I don't think this will be any exception. I think it's my favorite from her so far, though. And maybe that's because it's not overplayed yet, or maybe it's Chase Crawford in the beginning of it, but I still really enjoy it. And you will too.. for now.

Keyshia Cole--> You Complete Me

She's a tremendous singer, and I'm kind of disappointed that I don't like her BET show.. I think it makes her look worse, rather than better. But anyways, there's not much to say except that this is a beautiful song. 'Nuff said.

Se7en ft. Lil Kim--> Girls

This song has parts from Jay Z's "Girls," and I'm totally okay with it. This guy is an R&B singer from KOREA! When I saw that, I'm sorry to say, but I wasn't expecting anything good. [I thought something like the Teriyaki Boyz.. Which I think are terrible.] Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised! :) I actually really like this song, too! Sweet!

Pink--> Please Don't Leave Me

I need to get Pink's latest album, because I love every song from it so far. I love the lyrics, I love that it's a little less angry, and she's actually blaming herself. I don't love the "da da da da" over and over again in the background, but I can get over that. Downloaded? Check.

Darin--> See You At A Club

I can totally get used to this song! HE'S a SWEDISH singer! Check out the diversity in today's post! This is a good get down song, once you get used to it! The beat sounds familiar, but I might be imagining things, who knows. All I know is, I'm okay with this song.

The Dream ft. Mariah Carey--> My Love

The Dream has such a pretty voice.. He really does. I don't think he's amazingly talented or anything, but I definitely like his sound, and his songs. This song isn't anything AMAZING when it comes to the lyrics or anything, but it's pretty! And Mariah's in it! Their voices are a lot alike, which is kinda cool for this song. But the best is when Mariah gets it, of course.

Kat DeLuna ft. Lil Wayne--> Unstoppable

Ummm... I don't know how I feel about this. Honestly, I don't. The beat is okay. The lyrics are okay. The sound is.. Eh. Someone make up my mind for me! Let me know!

Danielle Peck--> Can't Behave

Danielle Peck is really good. But in country music, I think you have to be good to make good music.. Just sayin'. :) It's kinda one of those songs like, I have to leave you if you keep doing this.. So please don't do it. It's like, half love song, half power ballad.. Kinda. It's good, though.

And finally, Craig Morgan--> God Must Really Love Me

This is going to be a good, safe single for Craig. It's a typical country song, if you will, that's upbeat and looking back on life like "Wow, I've lived a good life, this is awesome." [No, country isn't all depressing, I swear.] I'll keep listening to it. :)

PS--> Darryl Worley's "Sounds Like Life To Me" is also a good listen for country fans.

So that's going to wrap up this week's Tunes on Tuesday! Hope you found a COUPLE you enjoy! :)


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