Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pop quiz time!

If you want to commit arson.. Ya know, catch a building on fire.. How do you go about doing it?

True or False: You should spread gasoline all around the bar, in which you are standing around, and then light and drop a match.

TRUE!!! Well, true for one guy, anyways.

He decided this would be a good idea until, dang. He went up in flames with the bar. Imagine that.

Okay, so what should happen next? What should you do once you're on fire, because you committed arson?

A) Stop, drop, and roll.
B) Try and find a fire extinguisher.
C) Run out of the building and jump into your car and drive away.

I hope you guessed C because that is the CORRECT answer! This guy seriously ran out, and jumped into his car, which also has gasoline in it, duh.

Don't believe me that there really are dumb people like this out there? Check out the surveillance video:

I don't even know what to say to this guy. I just want to know why Smokey the bear never came and taught him about fire safety. What a dummy.


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