Friday, December 5, 2008

the best kinda fun

Yes! Top 10 Thursday is here again!

A friend of mine brought up "game nights" a couple times and it got me thinking about great board games. Ya know, the ones you grew up playing, but could still be fun today? No matter how cheesey, simple, or even exciting they are, they're bound to give you a good time while sitting in a circle with your closest friends.

But which ones should you keep on the shelf for those ever so fantastic game nights? How about these

Top 10 [plus 2] Greatest Board Games for Anyone and Everyone
10.2. Chutes and Ladders
This is a game of such high hopes that can either come true or turn into a huge let down. There's that HUGE ladder and if you could just land on that one space, you're golden! But oh no.. There's also the huge slide. Don't land on that because you'll slide all the way down! Such a simple concept yet so intriguing. What's your fate?!

10.1. Checkers
Along with Chess, it's got to be the most classic board game of all time. Jump over your opponent and steal their pieces. And while you're at it, you'll take one of your pieces back and become a king. Ahh, to live the life of royalty.. It's sweet. You can go anywhere you choose! It's a game everyone knows how to play, and you could EASILY make your own board.

10. Trouble
How awesome is the pop-o-matic dice dome in the middle?! It's impossible to ever lose one! And you'll never have to chase them either. You just pop it in the middle, and find out where you're going! And did I mention the little holes to stick your pieces in?! [Watch your dirty minds on that last question.] It's a genius game. No losing the die, and no pieces sliding uncontrollably. Nice.

9. Candyland
Seriously.. It's called Candyland. Who WOULDN'T love it?! Everything revolves around deliciousness! And it involves NO math. None. You pick a card, and it tells you wear to go based on a color! It takes NO effort to play this game. Just get to the end. And pronto. Don't pick any characters that you already visited. You need to meet new friends.

8. Clue
If they make a movie about a board game, you KNOW it's cool. And what better way to spend an afternoon than becoming a detective and solving a mystery! Who was it? Where?! WITH WHAT?! Oh the possibilities are so endless! It's so exciting! And how many times have you peaked inside the envelope when your opponent runs off to the bathroom real quick?!

7. Yahtzee
Completely the opposite from Candyland, it takes way too much thinking and involves a lot of numbers. You have to be strategic AND lucky, but that's what makes it fun! Are you making the right decision? Should you go for the full house or maybe a 3 of a kind?! Will you be able to shout "YAHTZEE!!!"??

6. Scrabble
Oh boy. It involves numbers AND words. Lots of brain power needed. But the imagination part is left completely up to you. What kind of words can you come up with?! How many letters can you use in one turn? You better grab your dictionary, too, because you KNOW your friends are going to challenge some of the words you throw down. It's not your fault you like to use random words you might have made up but could be real.

5. Battleship
"You sunk my battleship!" Oh no. You don't want to have to say that, that's for sure! How stressful is it to figure out where to place your boats?! It's like tic-tac-toe when you think you know the strategy, yet the player knows all the strategies too, so it's all about who calls what first. Sometimes it's fun to make little designs or words, etc out of your ships so they get the hint in the end.

4. Life
I'm not sure which version of this game I like more.. The original, or the computer version. Seriously, how hilarious is it when the kids are literally just smaller versions of the parents on the computer game?! It's a new way of describing kids who are the spitting image of their parentals. But, the game is just great in general. Who doesn't want to be able to live a whole life in just a couple hours?! And forget school! Get into the real deal right away! GET MONEY!

3. Monopoly
Who needs a business degree when you could just play Monopoly all day. And literally, I mean all day.. It's GOT to be the longest board game ever. But you have to decide.. Will you be cheap and keep your money from the beginning? Or will you buy away and hope someone needs a place to stay after getting out of jail. Because you know you're about to pick up the "Go to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200." Ugh. What a bummer.

2. Operation
BZZZzzZZzZzzZZZzzz!!!!!!! Welp, give up. You're never going to be a doctor playing like that! If a guy's nose is lighting up red, I'd say that's not a good sign.. You're doing something wrong. No really though, this game could never get old. If it does, try and switch the butterflies in the stomach with the water in the knee.. That's a task!

1. Twister
Whether or not this technically counts as a board game, I'm not quite sure. What I am sure of is that it is a blast! Who doesn't love getting twisted into a pretzal and having to stay there until the spinner lands on something other than "right leg red?" No matter what, everyone is bound to laugh throughout the entire game. And did I mention how fun it is when you're older? It doesn't get any less great as the years go by. Trust me.

Ohh the days of great, classic board games. What has happened to them?! Video games are taking over. That's not okay. Make sure you take the time to dust off one of these games from time to time. You'll relive old times from your childhood, and have a couple laughs at how fun they really still are.


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I love board games, especially with family.. It brings out the 'best' in all of us, especially when a parent or sibling is cheating!