Friday, December 5, 2008

swept off her feet

Warning: This story makes it hard to decide whether you should laugh at the irony and ridiculousness, or cry because it's sad.

Scott Napper decided he was going to propose to his girlfriend of about 3 years on Proposal Rock, right on the Oregon coast.

She had just arrived from the Phillipines 3 days before on a visa, but they had been dating online since 2005.

Just when the nervousness was hitting and he had the ring in his pocket, they saw a wave coming towards them. The next thing he saw was his almost soon-to-be wife 30 feet away, being swept out into the waters thanks to a wave. He took off his jacket to keep from getting swept under himself, and suddenly, she was gone.

And she hasn't been found since.

Wow. Um. Can you imagine being this guy?! Thinking about how this happened to you?! I mean, how often does something like this happen?!? Right when you're about to PROPOSE to the girl!

Maybe it was God's way of saying it wasn't meant to be...?

Sad? Ironicly kinda sorta funny? You be the judge.


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