Friday, December 19, 2008


SIX days until Santa comes to town!!!!

And ladies, if you're having a hard time buying your man a present, or my fellas, if you need to send your woman somewhere to get ideas for your presents, I'm here to help ya!! [With the help of my good friends over at AskMen Online Magazine.. ;)]

These, my friends, are the best 10 things you could buy for that special guy in your life. :)

10. Wallet.. This is normally more for the guy you maybe just started dating, or don't want to spend too much money on. It's simple, but useful.

9. Bathrobe.. Maybe you just moved in together and love to just walk around after you get out of the shower.. But it's not quite the time to be walking around butt naked. Get him this.

8. DVD collection.. This goes for anyone. Find out what they like, check their library to make sure they don't have it, and head on over to Wal-Mart or Best Buy.

7. Cologne.. Again, for anyone. Old, young, new or long time relationship.. Family member or significant other. Don't think you're insulting them. Just find something that smells nice and wrap that sucker up.

6. Expresso Machine.. Well, I've never known anyone that would love one of these, I don't think.. But, if he loves to savor his coffee, this would certainly help him out.

5. Blackberry/Organizer phone.. Help someone stay organized, and give them a reason to always answer their phone.. Be careful, though. Maybe they'll be on it too much.

4. Clothes.. Just DON'T get him a tie! You're helping him to look nice.. Not telling him he needs a makeover. As long as it's not too extravagant, he should love it.

3. Stereo.. For anyone who loves music. If it's for his car, it's one more reason for him to love his car and drive more. If it's an indoor stereo, it could be placed in the bedroom for some better easy listening. ;)

2. DVD/Blu-Ray player.. If he has a DVD player, obviously he doesn't need another one.. And it's time to move on up to the Blu-Ray. You might need some movies to go with it, but he'll love it even more. Plus, you guys will get to experience them together, I'm sure.

1. Tickets to a sports event.. Of his favorite team, of course! No matter who the guy is, if he likes sports, this is the ultimate present. If he's your boyfriend, fiance, husband, whatever.. The competitive atmosphere gets him excited, if ya know what I mean. If it's a friend or family member, they'll realize how well you really know them, and greatly appreciate it!

So there ya go! Do you agree? I think I do for the most part.

And I've always said that if you're buying for a significant other, guy or girl, to get 3 presents; One that's meaningful, one that's fun, and one that's useful. It's a good theory/recipe. Try it!


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