Friday, December 19, 2008

a little how-to guide

The holiday season is a time that involves a lot of alcohol.. Especially when it's a New Year celebration.

Alcohol normally leads to dancing.. And it's not always your best moves. Or, maybe it is, but it still might need some work.

So, thank goodness, there's a how-to guide for drunk dancing.. Mostly geared towards men. There's a lot of options, but I'm going to show you the best.. Let's go on a journey throughout the night.

Let's say it's the beginning of the night, you're not THAT drunk, but you're definitely feeling confident on the dancefloor. Suddenly, a circle is formed and people are showing off their best moves. Now is the time to get that pop n lock.

Now don't go doing this if you've never done it before. Make sure you've tried it once or twice in front of the mirror. It's like the modern day robot, I'd say. Get in the groove of things, then start locking your joints. All of them. Keep moving around making sudden motions. People will go wild if you can pull it off.

After you embarrass yourself trying the pop n lock, you probably want to head to the bar and get yourself hammered. But before you start feelin' it, you might feel the urge to throw it back old school and head back into the circle. You want to do the running man.

As much as this guide might say so, this is never sexy. However, it will definitely grab everyone's attention. You know how to do it, but can you do it right?! Make sure your feet are moving, but you're not moving forward. Stay in one spot, and get into it. It's so very Fresh Prince, and people are likely to join in with ya.

After you do this, you got it down pat, and you're pumped. It's time to celebrate at the bar and get sloshed! You see a girl across the way grinding on some guy that you're positive you can dance better than. You've been waiting for the right time to really grind on some girl.

Make sure you get down onto the floor smoothly. Or, if you do fall, this could always be a "smooth" way of getting back up. Get down low, and work those hips against the girl you're trying to impress. It'll feel like you're having sex on the dance floor, but who cares?

Once you realize EVERYONE just saw you on the ground grinding with the girl of your dreams, you're a little embarrassed. After downing a couple more shots, you decide to take it easy for a second. You stay on the outside, mainly observing, but still going to the beat. Simple, but showing rhythm, you start milking the cow.

As much ch as you might think this is sexy, you're wrong. And it's not going to keep you unnoticed either. Nonetheless, throw your hands up in the air, up and down, and move your head and hips along with it. If you got the rhythm, maybe you can stay alive on the attractive scale. If not, head back to the bar.. Pronto. And pretend it never happened.

And then, gain a little more confidence, and a lot more intoxication, and you're ready for your final move.. The throwing of the dice.

This move may work with certain songs, and if you have a jaeger bomb and popped collar to go along with it, but over all, you should hope that when this is pulled out, everyone else is on the same level as you. It's fun, it's simple, and if you can get the crowd behind you, it's worth the gamble.

And now, after working your magic throughout the night, it's time to head home. Maybe tomorrow pictures will be all over Facebook so you know how it really looked.

I hope it all works out for you!
Thank you to the creator of this. ;)


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