Saturday, December 20, 2008

drug deal for the day 121908

Calm down, I'm not going to be giving you guys any drugs.

However, I am going to give you a bunch of stories involving drugs.. And you're going to like them.

Remember back in middle and high school when you took cough drops to school, you weren't allowed to take them without going to the office first? But you definitely did anyways, you just hid them?

Well, a 9 year old girl had some, and sold them to her friends, and got caught. Her teacher accused her of selling drugs!

First of all.. She's 9. She's not a drug dealer. Second of all, they were Vitamin C drops, not cough drops, so they were completely harmless.

Still, the teacher is fighting the issue saying it was inappropriate for her to have them in school, and it is an over the counter drug, which is not allowed.

I just want to know if she's seriously trying to make a big issue about this. Honestly.. the girl is 9 years old. Give her a break. Ugh.

Speaking of kids and drugs.. What would you do if you found out your 6th grader was given special brownies? Ya know.. the ones with weed baked right in..

That happened when a mom baked the brownies and her son brought them to the bus stop. He did know what they were, but he passed them out to all of his friends. Then they started to feel "sleepy and dizzy."

The kid has been taken away from his mother, who says she's not a bad mom.;
"There's other parents out there that do bad drugs and they get their kids back for less than a brownie. I'm not justifying my actions. I swear. It was wrong that I made these brownies and it's wrong that he got a hold of it, and it's wrong that the other children got a hold of it, but I'm not a bad mom."

Uhh.. Lady.. I'd qualify you as a bad mom.. Sorry. This is out of control, and never should a kid even KNOW about the brownies.. Let alone bring them and pass them out at school.

This is by far the best one yet. It combines the ridiculousness of drugs with the hilariousness that is anchors not keeping their straight face.

Some cop apparently confiscated some weed from teenagers, and then did as we all suspect.. Used it for themselves. He made his own batch of special brownies for him and his wife, and may have had a little too much...

In case you didn't catch that.. Yes, he said "I think we're dying." HAHAHA WHAT! Hilarious. And the anchors lost it, which is the best part about it all.

Basically, we all need to remember what we were taught in DARE. Don't do drugs!! :-P And don't let your parents do them.. And goodness, if you're going to confiscate them, at least know what you're doing with them afterwards!

People are so smart these days, I swear.


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