Sunday, December 21, 2008

you're my...

Have ya'll ever heard or seen The Cuppycake Song?!

It's totally a legit song, but I promise it'll get stuck in your head.

Anyways, my friend Patrick sent me this version, AKA some kid mouthing it, and it's pretty hilarious.

Those cheeks are somethin' else!! And check out those EYEBROWS at the end!! Wow, he's DEFINITELY going to be gettin' all the ladies in a couple years, eh?!

But, if you know nothing of the song, I went ahead and found you the original, done by 4 year old Amy Credt.

Now, Miss Amy is 18 years old, and has been acting, kinda, ever since! [A couple episodes on Ally McBeal, an episode on Lizzie McGuire.. And a couple on the soap opera Passions.]

I'm thinking she'll always be remembered, if she's remembered, that is, as the Cuppycake song girl though. Because it's most definitely her greatest work.

Thank you, Amy, for giving me a song to have stuck in my head for all eternity now.. And to annoy other people with.


PS: I really do love this song. It's precious. But it's evil in it's own way, too. :-P

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