Sunday, December 21, 2008

your cat fix 122108

These are great. They NEVER get old.. No matter what you try and say, you can't convince me otherwise.

Some cats are geniuses. This one even knows how to play dead:

This cat.. Not so genius. We've all seen a cat play with a laser pointer.. But this one goes NUTS.

I love how the other cat isn't affected AT ALL!

This one.. They say is performing a "Shiatsu massage".. Where they massage different parts of the body to help healing and growing and whatever else.. Buttt.. Take a look.

I'm going to actually say that this kitten is pissed. It was probably sleeping, had to pee, didn't call 5's.. And lost its sleeping spot. So now he's like "Get upppp out of my spot, other kitten!" Then, finally, at the end, kitten number 2 is like "FINE! FINE! You didn't call 5's but whatever, you woke me up now, I'll move."

Am I right or wrong?!

Ohh cats.. You never cease to amaze me. Seriously. You're interesting creatures.


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