Sunday, November 9, 2008

they're already here

I've said it about 239847 times this week, but I love the "Yes We Can" song/video that did with a bunch of other celebrities.. I also like Nas' "Black President" and whatever else I find.

And I was wondering when a new one would come out.. Now that Barack Obama has officially been elected President.

Welp, guess none of us are going to have to wait too long. was already working on the video for his latest song, "It's A New Day" in Chicago.. While he was beaming to the CNN studios too.

This is the video-->

Is it any surprise that I love it? I love when he stops to reflect, too. And, I genuinely think it has a great beat, especially to go with the meaning of the song. Meh, I've said it before, I'll say it again with no hesitation.. The man is a genius.

Don't go anywhere, though.. Common, another genius in the music world, has also leaked an Obama song.. Called "Changes."

This isn't the official video.. The official release will probably be Inauguration Day, January 20. But you can still check out the song :)

I don't love the song as much as I love's, but it's a good song.. Great lyrics.. Great meaning, of course. It's more of an emotional song than an uplifting one, I think. But both work, for sure. :)

Ahh, I love it. I WANT MORE! NOW! Kthanks :)


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