Friday, November 7, 2008

this is real

Before you read the story, I should warn you, some of the quotes are disturbing and made me quiver. Also, you should know, this a completely true story that MSNBC reported...

On October 17th, 33 people left the Dominican Republic to take what they thought would be a couple hours-long trip to Puerto Rico.. They were wrong.

The engines in their boat BOTH quit working.. And they were left chillin' in the middle of the ocean.

They tried to stay alive by drinking rain and sea-water.. But 28 people died doing this. At this point, the 5 remaining survivors were starving to death, and decided to eat their friends.

"We hadn't brought any food because we thought it would be a quick trip. We had nothing to eat. We had to eat him to save our own lives. I always try to be prepared, so I had brought my knife along... We cut from his leg and chest. We cut little pieces and swallowed them like pills... It's like beef, almost the same. At the skin, there is like half an inch of yellow fat, then the fibers."
--Gregorio Marizan

Last Saturday a US Coast Guard helicopter spotted the boat, and rescued them. Only 4 remain now, after one died in the hospital.

Holy wow. First-- they're idiots. For many reasons. Sea water? Really? It has SALT! It's going to dehydrate you even more. And you should ALWAYS be prepared, as my dad says, you never know when you're going to break down. And.. Uh... If you eat uncooked meat... Isn't that TERRIBLE for you?! Let alone HUMAN meat?!

And honestly.. I don't think that I could EVER eat someone I knew. Or someone in general. I think I could suffer without food easier than I could eat someone. There's no way. OMG this bothers me so much. In so many ways. AH!

At least SOME of ya'll survived after this, I guess. I'm glad. But disturbed. It's like a movie come to life.


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Anonymous said...

ok first off missy they are idiots I def agree but their dead , so just saying you were a little harsh :p kiddin love you, and i wouldnt eat ya