Wednesday, October 22, 2008

he's responding

After Sarah Palin's basically record-breaking performance on SNL, Barack Obama and his team are not ready to let her get all the shine.

There are tons of legit rumors going around that Mr. Obama will be on Saturday Night Live again on November 1, just 3 days before the election.

Hmmm... Good or bad timing if it does happen? I'd say good, unless he does a terrible job.

He was on Ellen this morning, too, dancing and cracking jokes about the election and how it's working. He said Michelle can dance better than him, but he's certain that he can dance better than McCain. He also gave a motivational speech for "Clooney Watch '08." [Ellen, now on the Warner Bros lot, is trying to get Clooney on her show any way that she can.] It was a good one.

Really though, what do you think about him possibly being on SNL Nov. 1??

Good luck, B! I'm rooting for you, of course! I hope you can do better than Sarah!


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