Friday, September 19, 2008


I'm going to be at JMU this weekend for my girl Gina's 21st!! And seeing my little sis Carly.. so unfortunately, no updates until Sunday! :( But I PROMISE I'll make up for it!!

Until then, here's a quick couple headlines I saw this morning.. you can check em out on your own. ;)

  • Audrina= OUT OF THE HOUSE! :( I guess they couldn't work everything out after all.
  • Obama is now saying he's not going to definitely take out "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in the military like he once said... uh oh.
  • It's proven that 35% of people would choose a BLACKBERRY over their SPOUSES. That's out of control.
  • Pat O'Brien= FIRED from The Insider... hhmmm.. does that leave room for someone like ME?! :)
  • Bow Wow + Rev Run's daughter Angela= TOTALLY hooking up!
  • DAWN FROM DANITY KANE MIGHT BE GOING SOLO!!!! [I'm going to have to talk more on this on Sunday..] There's even promo pictures that have been leaked! :( [Diddy, of course, denies it all.]
  • If you haven't already heard, Sarah Palin's email DID get hacked. More on that on Sunday, also.
  • There's a guy who got paid to lay in a bed, at a 6 degree angle, for like 4 months.. wow.

OK tons more but they can totally wait til Sunday.

Have a GREAT, FABULOUS, EXTRAORDINARY weekend, everyone!! :-D


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