Friday, September 19, 2008

maybe a little late..

So I went to the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial Dedication last week.. and it was absolutely beautiful and amazing and so well thought out..

I can't stop sharing it all with everyone.. I want everyone to experience it. BUT, I do know that obvi not everyone can get to DC to see this. Thankfully, my cousin, Wendy Ploger, whose dad was in Flight 77 that crashed into the pentagon, is a professional photographer AND was a part of the planning committee. She got the most amazing pictures there, so I think you guys should all look at them. Here is just a few..

Just a little information about the memorial..
  • There are 184 benches, for the 184 people who lost their life in the Pentagon that day. Each have a pool of water underneath to represent life. They are all made of steal, which reflects both the sun, and the water beneath them.
  • They are organized by the year the victim was born. All are parallel to the path the plane took into the Pentagon that day.
  • When reading the names, sometimes you'll see the Pentagon in the background, sometimes you'll see the sky. That tells you where they were when they died.
  • The names are engraved on the end of the bench.. if they were with someone they knew, that name is engraved under the water.
  • There is a wall that starts at 3 inches, and ends at 71. This represents the ages of the people who were killed.
  • There are rocks throughout the memorial, which make a crunching sound as you walk through... purposely.
  • It's open 24/7.. so you are more than welcome to see it, whenever you want. It bring peace to everyone who visit it.. in a way to bring a peace of mind to you after that terrible day.

I suggest you go see it. And make sure when you do, you give a quick, special hello to my uncle, and Wendy's dad, Robert R. Ploger III.


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wendy said...

heya beth! Awesome blog! I'm bookmarking it for sure! Hope you are well (and great post btw :). -wendy