Thursday, August 24, 2017

interview: tlc's chili plays would you rather

If ya don't know my love for the 90s, where in the f bomb have you been?!

When someone asked if I wanted to chat with Chilli from TLC, the only question in my head was HOW WILL I FIT DECADES OF AWESOME INTO A COUPLE MINUTES?!

I had to focus... which I actually can't do, but I had a way better convo than I could've imagined. There was a moment, much like when I talked to BoB, that I could tell she picked the phone off speaker and really enjoyed the conversation with me. She was humble, laughing with me, and bringing up things I was almost a little nervous to bring up myself [Usher and Left Eye].

ICYDK, TLC is on tour with a bunch of other 90s acts right now... plus they put out a new album, have a single with Snoop, and are very much back in the game. We talked about that, how she feels about Lifetime doing a biopic on Simone Biles, and why she keeps an ex-box around.

Plus a simple game of Would You Rather 90s vs. Now with different topics.

I feel real good about that one, so hopefully that's for good reason!

Just another day of pinching myself wondering what younger me would actually think if she could tell the future.


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