Monday, August 7, 2017

interview: dan and shay explain country music's suggestions

Fun thing that's been happening: I've been filling in on WMZQ, DC's country station! My friends know how much I love country music, and some of the world knows that I'm also heard every night on 95.5 The Bull in Vegas, but it's something special to be able to talk to a new group of people in my hometown.

I've also been able to connect with some country artists that come through because of it! Dan and Shay are going to be coming through for WMZQ Fall Fest in October, so Dan called me to chat it up, then Shay jumped in too!

Their album "Obsessed" has been a staple in my car for the last couple months, so I was pumped up and ready to fangirl. Plus, I saw Dan at 5am the last time I was in Vegas. He knows how to have a good time.

There's one thing I needed to ask about because it's become a trend in country music: Hooking up with that wrong person one more time. Their song "How Not To" suggests it, and a dozen other recent ones, and it's a total bad influence on people [including me]!

We also touched on them picking each other's teeth and how far they'll go to help a bro out.... and more.

Hopefully you're a fan of country too.. but if not, I can change that for ya. Country artists are the best and they certainly know how to win people over... easily.


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