Thursday, January 19, 2017

video: truth or dare with sabrina carpenter

It seems like it was a year ago that we found out Girl Meets World was a thing and I started a very enthusiastic countdown... but now it's coming to an end after three too short seasons.

I'm glad that before it comes to an end, I was able to talk to Sabrina Carpenter about the impact of the original show, and the truths of the new cast.

In the best version of Truth or Dare, she has to answer questions about her cast, and if she doesn't- complete a dare.

To be honest, I'm surprised it was such a simple, silly question that made her go for the dare! Maybe she was just intrigued.

And as for Sabrina herself- she's a star... and just like all the current Disney stars, she has multiple talents and is an incredible singer. Beyond talent, she's humble, smart, genuine, and basically everything great that I can say about an artist besides "knows how to drink" because she's too young for that. She's not gonna disappear, that's for sure.

If you wanna see more of a formal interview, she sat down with Toby Knapp in the studio. 

Now.... can we maybe stop with all of the shows coming back? GMW did it right, but now we're all heartbroken again. Fuller House is good.... but we don't need to be doing all this other nonsense.

Whoa, never thought I'd say all that.


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