Thursday, October 27, 2016

some things have been growing around here....

If you thought this was gonna be about a growing stomach or family or something, shame on you. We've been through this before. FIVE CONDOMS, remember?!?

There's no need for a build up here. The thing that's been growing is my career. I never thought I'd come to the point where I'm not making HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS every time I make an advancement, but I'm here. I've been given some opportunities that I've just let happen without throwing a #ELIZABETHANYTAKESOVERTHEWORLDPARTY. [Mostly because that hashtag is like.. WAY too long.]

In non-chronological order..

If you live in Cleveland, you can now listen to me every night! WAKS/96.5 KISS FM has added me to their line-up at the most exciting time- when the Indians are in the World Series! It's pretty hard to jump right into a city that is literally lit up right now, but it's exciting and it's a total honor to be picked out of A TON of fantastic national talent.

If you live in Baltimore, you can now watch me every Tuesday on FOX45! It may or may not have been obvious when I went to school for TV news and made this awful resume tape that I've always wanted to do SOMETHING with TV, so I've been hoping for an opportunity in every market I've been in. FINALLY.... I totally killed off Rob Kruz in Baltimore and taken his spot with Candace Dold and The Buzz segment every Tuesday at 8:45am.

You should know, though... I'm normally at the station til after midnight Mondays, then need to leave for Baltimore at 7am Tuesdays, so this could get really interesting. Day one came with a wardrobe malfunction because getting dressed in the dark is tough, I guess. Luckily, I caught it just in time.

And last, but total opposite of least.... Ever since I joined the iHeartRadio team, I've had one specific goal in mind: Being a part of what we insiders call "Premium Choice." It's basically syndication... and a few of the best talents get picked to record shows that will be heard of several stations throughout the country. [The other shows I do in Vegas, Cleveland, Salt Lake City, and Atlanta are each prerecorded so I can really personalize them!]

I got an email a couple months ago from the guy in charge of it and teared up so hard. The whole time I thought I was going to have to do an interview of sorts but I was clearly delusional- interviews rarely happen in radio. They already knew they wanted me for an overnight show. [!!!!!!!] The amount of stations that will hear this show will [hopefully] continue to grow, but as of Monday you'll be able to hear me in Raleigh, NC, Allentown, PA, and a little town in Mississippi!

There was this weird moment I had while sharing some of this news at the bar last Friday night.... I'm not even sure if there's a way to explain it. For so long, I've worked so hard... and lately I've felt that my work ethic hasn't been as obvious as it always was in the past. I haven't flaunted it or been all over social like I'd like to be. I haven't been producing videos that are like "SOOOO FUNNY AND OMG I LOVE WHAT YOU'RE DOING." I've just been focusing on the show, the music, and the things that need to get done. Apparently, it's working. The moment of feeling relief, pride, and my brain finally getting a second to untangle itself... it provided a 1.3 second breakdown until I quickly pulled myself together again.

There's another thing, though.... I've had to say goodbye to being on the air in Albany. Saying no or turning down an opportunity or walking away from one- it's not me... but when you feel your body shutting down because you've taken on too much, you should listen to it. You don't have to do THE MOST, to be THE BEST. [It's something I'm still trying to get myself to believe.]

Heyzeus, I sound SO 29 1/2 years old right now.

And with that, I realize I'm way behind on tonight's to-do list and I'd really like to reward myself with an episode of How to Get Away With Murder and a glass of wine tonight, so.. BYE.

GLASS OF WINE?! Maybe I should be scared of what 30 will do to me... I might want a wedding or something weird. 


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