Friday, October 21, 2016

interview: comedian hannibal burress talks about... body parts

Hannibal Burress was a name I would have never known before the Bieber roast.... but I loved him from then on. I've thought we kinda have the same style in telling stories, without putting too many bells and whistles in there.

Did I just say bells and whistles?!? HOW OLD AM I?!?!

I was pumped to have a comedian come in to the show. It's different and there are a lot less expectations... plus I had unlimited time to chat, as far as I was concerned. So we chatted, joked, got extremely ADD, kept chatting, laughed, and it kept going for a long time.

As usual when I talk to someone who is also open to talking about their sex life, there's a lot of talk about body parts. Turns out, when you're famous, body parts just show up in your DMs ALL THE TIME! AND THEY'RE NOT EVEN BAD!

He had no problem talking about the biddies he hooks up with, and totally called out a girl in San Jose who was trying to sneak some selfies. Idiot girl.

There was also an educational portion, of course. Hannibal had no idea "sex trees" exist! They do. They're Callery Pear trees.

And for my fellow radio/entertainment peeps, it starts out talking about how to plan what to talk about- which I LOVED.

To be honest, I had no idea how people would receive him on my show. Did a lot of people know his name? Would they like it? I played one clip and posted a pic, and everyone was obsessed! So, thanks to Hannibal for giving me an entire show's worth of things to play. You da bomb.


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