Thursday, November 5, 2015

27 fall looks i'm loving

I'm constantly on the 'gram taking screenshots of outfits I love and then doing nothing with them.... so I figured, why not gather them all on one fabulous post? That way, not only do I have a more convenient place to find them, but you can see too!

Most of them come from the account because, duh, it's a gathering of all the best bloggers. 

Dressing down all that glitter- yes. 

Surely you already know these button down suede skirts are EVERYWHERE.

So many colors and patterns in one!

Sometimes looks are so simple and effortless and I swoon.

How come I don't look this cool when I throw a jacket over my shoulder?

Plaid, camel, booties. There ya go, fall! 

Hopefully we all have the striped dress, army jacket, and booties staples in our closets already.

Okay these over the knee boots and the vest and the fringe... a lot of pieces coming together flawlessly.

Note to self: Folded over socks are cool again. This is literally the easiest outfit ever.

All black everything, and a navy purse?! The hat, the vest... I want it all.

Turns out grey and camel/brown can actually work together in beautiful harmony.

Dear Santa, can I have this skirt that matches my hair?!

Turtleneck gets surprisingly more sexy when you pair it with over the knee boots. 

I think I'll always love an outfit with a hat... and/or a skater skirt.

Everyone's talking about gold make-up... and this is the simplest and best version I've seen.

I'm also a pretty big fan of Jacy Overstreet's simple style. 

The black/white/grey/denim= must do.

How come the shirt around the waist doesn't work this well for me?

And props to @fashionablykay as well

I've learned that ripped black jeans are all an outfit needs right now.

And my girl Kendi

A reason to stock up on graphic tees? Darn.

Some celebs also know how to help a girl out... 

Zendaya just rolled out of bed and looks amazing. Sigh.

Hi Redskins colors on my girl Melissa Rycroft.

Ali Fedotowski also combining a bunch of trendy pieces for that basic but great look.

So when you see me post an outfit, it's probably a total copycat. I'd check one of those accounts for the real credit. I'm just keeping it real, duh.


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Unknown said...

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