Monday, November 16, 2015

introducing my new california boyfriend

For the past week, I've been all over California on a little "Men Rehab." You see, I had a couple of instances in my life and some of my friends' lives that made me throw my hands up and forfeit when it comes to humans with a thing hanging between their legs. I just couldn't handle it anymore.

I'll have more pictures from the entire trip coming up this week, but I have to tell you about my new boyfriend from San Francisco.

We've chosen to keep his identity private because, ya know, stalkers and the media and everything... but I found him in the candy store of all places! He came with a lot of promises and I trusted him to not let me down.

I've heard of men being "growers," but this seemed like the ultimate grower AND shower! So we went on our first date- a picnic in Point Lobos near the cliffs and the water. I drove, but it was hard to concentrate with this babe of a shotgun rider.

 The view was incredible. We sat on a bench, shared a sandwich, and it was all so good we even had our first kiss there. 

He then took me to a beach with purple and pink colored sand- it's like he just got me right away! And he even let me bury him.

And can we talk about how good my new favorite hunk looks in the sunset light?! I was falling in love with the quickness. I already knew that I could follow him anywhere in this world. 

Our next date started with drinks, of course. I was hoping to take advantage of him this time so I got the big stuff. 

It worked. Look what I got to wake up to in the morning. *insert heart eye emoji here*

Then something weird happened. I left him to sleep in his own waterbed for one night, and he woke up looking different. He had bumps everywhere, was a bit *soft* when I was handling him. 
Hmph. You leave a guy alone for one night and he gets an STD and/or moves on?! It wasn't right.

Suddenly he showed up outside my hotel with my favorite flowers. Typical. 

But of course I gave in, and we had a lovely bae-side dinner.

And then, one final California sunset. How can you hate a man who will pose for all your pictures and get you flowers?! Spoiler alert: You can't.

 Now, I'm not sure what the future will hold for my new man and me. The soft thing is still an issue and who knows if he'll even stay as fun now that we're back on the East Coast... [Oh yeah, did I mention he came back with me to try things out? It seems fast but like, why wait?!] I'm hopeful, though. If nothing else, at least he taught me how to love again in such a difficult time.


PS I hope that you had already met boyfriend on Snapchat throughout the week. If you didn't, follow me now so you don't miss out on our future adventures! ;)

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