Friday, May 8, 2015

photo diary: my trip to nashville!

Month #5 of my new year's resolution took me to the city I've wanted to visit for so many years: NASHVILLE!

It was weird how it happened. I traveled the weekend before but my friend mentioned how she was going and I said I probably couldn't make it happen. 
Next thing I know I'm looking up flights [that were hella cheap], asking everyone I know if they're going to be in town, finding a friend to go with me, and asking for days off right after getting my promotion.

You see, when all your busy singer/songwriter friends are actually in Nashville at a time you can go, you go. That doesn't happen often. [Like I've always said- never say no right away! Never rule things out without truly investigating!]

My friend Jared [who I wrote about way back when I first started this here blog] opened his doors for us and gave us the best experience I could have imagined [with help from his fantastic roommate who I assaulted on night one... woops].

*And now I will apologize if I just gush for WAY too long, but I'm on cloud 9 after visiting so... it's probably going to happen.*Not only did I get to reunite with my long lost drunken friend, but I also spent some quality time with my high school friend Rachel, who is 1/2 of Native Run. She took us out on this rooftop and holy view at sunset.

We spent a decent amount of time hanging around the houses. Normally I'd be all bothered about hanging inside while visiting a new city, but when you get to see some [really good] songwriters just working on their craft, you don't move. I feel like I was actually a quiet version of myself because I was constantly so amazed by their singing and lives and conversations. One girl, Kelly Archer, was celebrating her song that is going to be released by Reba and Jennifer Nettles!!!

As much as I talk to artists, I never get to hear that part of the story. They deserve so much more credit than they get. I asked Jared so many questions and let him know that when I play his song for the first time, I'm going to cry like a proud mama. [And I'll absolutely let you know what it is.]

Two of the most fun, beautiful and talented people I know... quite the combo.

Of course we also did some touristy things because like, necessary. Went downtown to see 30+ Bachelorette parties happening on Saturday night, then drank on a roof [at Acme, in case you go soon!] with high school friends on Sunday. Can we talk about this view from the bar?! That's the Titans stadium to the left. 

[outfit deets: Forever 21 racerback tank, Charlotte Russe lace kimono, jorts from Kohls and my fantastic cowboy boots, of course]

It was also 100% necessary to spend one day going bar to bar, getting a drink at each one on Broadway St, and listening to the constant live music that started early in the morning.

And being a true tourist and taking alllll the scenery photos also needed to happen. 

We were walking on the pedestrian bridge and someone was filming something intense, and we just walked right in front to get our pics first. They then told me to work the camera. This is the beauty that resulted.... proving I should be a model. 

[outfit deets: dress from Target, boots from zulily, green purse from Target, and gold dangly earrings]

And of course, a stop at my BFF Deacon Claybourne's house. 

[outfit deets: favorite new hat and plain green tee from Target, black jorts from Charlotte Russe, zulily boots]

Right next door was a house that Scarlett rented one season... 

But what fascinated me the most was the condition of the houses right across the street! I expected this pristine neighborhood perfect for filming... not so much. 

The houses in Nashville are the most gorgeous though. I love that it's a cute little suburb a mile outside of the city. I even found one for sale that I'll obviously buy whenever I make this city my home.

Try and tell me you wouldn't wanna party here... I dare you.

Okay, so I'm probably not going to be moving there... but have you ever been heartbroken by an object or city?! No joke- I fell in love with that place and all the people there, as I expected... and now I'm moping around because I just want to go back ASAP. I felt so at home so quickly, it was kinda crazy. The perfect mix of southern country living and a ton of hustlers is my Heaven.

Thank you to Jared, Django and Rachel for making me love it so much! Looks like I'll have to take more than one trip a month soon....

Luckily, my next two trips are pretty simple... but you'll see those when the time comes. 

And again, I know people get all pissed at the "never say no" thing because of rape or whatever, but it's true. Make things happen. Do things. Experience things. Ask things. No excuses, just do it. Look at everything I could have missed out on if I stuck to my "there's no way I can do that."


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