Friday, February 13, 2015

watch etv: i was a terribly mean cupid to coworkers and shaggy

What do you do to celebrate the holidays at work? Hand out some cards? Bring in some goodies?
I choose to get mostly naked and shoot a Nerf bow and arrow gun thing at my coworkers.... and Shaggy. Like Mr Boombastic Shaggy. Who randomly walked in when I was dressed like a frickin weirdo. He loved it.

This is the real way to show love in 2015, duh.

I wish you coulda seen the whole run-in with Shaggy. Homeboy came through the door and I had no idea he was early. "Oh... heyyy Shaggyyyy....."

Side note: Do you see that huge dent in my thigh?! That's not cottage cheese, that's an actual dent I got when I fell down the stairs during Santacon a year and a half ago. Sexy.

Sorry I'm not sorry to my coworkers. There will be more of this coming.


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