Thursday, February 12, 2015

gasparilla 2015: a video and a costume

For five or more years, I've been hearing all about how fun it is to go down to Gasparilla in Tampa. The Kane Show and our iHeart station down there get a big ol' fancy float and it's like a pirate themed Mardi Gras. With my 2015 resolution being all about traveling, it was the perfect time to go down for it. 

I was hella obnoxious with a selfie stick/GoPro, and just put together a quick 15 second representation.

And some more screenshots:

That moment when Kane hijacks your camera....

A little look at my outfit

Just having a blasty up top with Kane and his wife.

Meet DJ Goofy Whitekid. The one who always told me about the epicness.

Watching a parade from a boat... Yes please!

Here's a better look at my outfit and the only other guy who got into it as much as me. [You can't see the skull fishnet, but they're legit.]
-corset from Amazon! $17, holla
-fishnet from a Halloween store when they were closing. You never know when you'll need skull fishnet!
-combat boots from Macy's on Black Friday
-skirt and bandana was made from $6 total worth of scrap fabric from JoAnn's. 

I picked out a bunch of black, white and red patterns, cut them into strips, and just tied them around a ribbon. Easy! 

And now I leave you with a gorgeous sunset in case you're stuck in a cold place like me. 


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