Monday, February 23, 2015

diy chevron and jeweled nails

I've been really slacking on this here blog. I wish I had a good excuse beyond focusing on other things. This has always been my baby and it always will.... but a new bossman in the office has brought a couple changes around here that I'm getting used to. [Good changes. I'm very excited for this!]

Anyway, I may not have had time to blog, but I had time to do my nails... and I'm pretty obsessed with them. 

The pink was done in the salon and I wish I had remembered the color but I failed you and for that I am sorry.

I added some gold glitter to the one nail and then a chevron Jamberry applique. The triangle gems came from BlueLans! A whole pack of different ones for $2. Holla. 

As you can kinda see, I'm still not perfect at knowing how much glue to use for the gems, and my Jamberry could use some more smoothing out, but like... ADD. And they still look great. Also, lotion, Elizabethany. Ever heard of it?


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