Wednesday, March 4, 2015

what i've been wearing 030415

It's time for a little truth bomb. 

A lot of the reason I've been slacking on posting outfits is because of gaining a little more than the typical "winter weight." This is pretty typical for me after a break-up. Chocolate just seems so much more satisfying than a piece of broccoli. I'm not looking for "oh shut up, you look fine" or anything like that. That makes things awkward. I'm stating facts. I know what I've gained and I'm working on getting back down cuz like... bikini weather.

Anyway, enough excuses. Luckily I can work some angles when I take selfies. 

I got these new boots from UrbanOG and this was the easiest outfit to throw together. Whenever I get new shoes, I suck at doing anything besides matchy-matchy.
-shirt was thrifted
-Express jeans from TJ Maxx
-scarf from Groupon Goods

I got this polka dot shirt and knew it'd be great for layering, but it's also chiffon, so it'll be good alone too! I was also really excited about my hair. Somehow after I put the bobby pins in the same way I always do, it loosened up and looked like there  to hold in the soft braid.
-top from Target
-Express jeans
-jacket from random NYC boutique
-scarf from Love Culture
-H&M earrings
-shoes from SEARS! [I say that all caps because I'm shocked that I found one of my favorite shoes for this season there. They're so comfy, cute, and make my feet look small which is key for a bish with size 10.]

A random Friday night outfit mixin' and matchin' the black and white!
-blazer and lace tank from TJ Maxx
-Express jeans
-Forever21 booties
-BlueLans earrings

And my truly "I don't give an eff" outfit... this was my first time wearing leggings as pants in public. Really. 
-top and leggings from Charlotte Russe
-boots from JustFab
-spikey earrings from BlueLans

There's a mini catch up. Now I'm going to get my ass in the gym because you can't complain about such things if you're not doing anything about it. 


PS it's a milestone day! My blog has hit 3 million views! I don't know if that seems like a lot to you or not, but I'm pretty pumped. Thanks for continuing to support, even in my not-so-active times! 

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Panty Buns said...

I can identify with slacking on outfit posts (and YouTube videos) due to "winter weight, although you look to me like you're in fantastic shape. I, on the other hand, have put on close to 40 pounds since my last outfit post. I'm starting to wonder whether I should be looking for empire waist blouses that will flair out like Rihanna's 57th Grammy gown as I sit in my recliner glomming down ice cream and watching NetFlix.
That chiffon polka-dot shirt looks nice with your colourful Groupon Goods scarf.
I love your TJ Maxx lace tank worn under your striped blazer.
You look fabulous in those red Charlotte Russe leggings - they look nice paired with the Carlotte Russe top/short shirt-dress
Yes, 3,000,000 views is a lot and you can feel rightly pumped about it. My blog at is around 182,954 pageviews and views of my YouTube videos at are somewhere around 129,000 (137,000 if you include removed videos). In summation, kudos on your popularity. You look amazing, so I hope you'll go right ahead and confidently post more outfits.