Tuesday, December 30, 2014

what ya wearin for the holidays

I miss seeing your outfits every week! And it makes me sad every time someone brings up how much they loved doing it... but sometimes a girl has to move on from the things she loves, y'know?!

That doesn't mean I can't bring it back for all the holidays, so a few of you jumped in on Christmas Day. 

@jennay_z went with the sparkles and animal prints while @alizook went with the cozy winter look.

I love the red hat, scarf, and make-up on @its_just_lay

@siarrahhh also rocked some animal print and sparkles on the shoes

I can't even handle the awesome matching of @iceiceandrew and his family.

Pretty white lace and a simple necklace for @hlucas87

And @kelsey_hillery0207 went pretty lace and chiffon on top.

As for me, my Christmas Day outfit was lacy too, with this green top from Forever21, Express jeans, and Old Navy booties.

Some other outfits I wore for station events: 

I wore this for my VA Beach station's "Not So Silent Night" event, which I still need to post about. 
-dress from my clothing swap
-DSW/Guess booties
-amazing blue necklace from Charming Charlie

And you've already seen the pictures from Jingle Ball, but here are some outfit details. 

It was hard to see in any pictures I posted, but my skirt had a little print to it. When I first got it, I actually hated it. It reminded me of a sports jersey material or something. In the end, it worked.
I also promised myself to not wear anything from the "typical" stores this year, but after ordering a couple hundred dollars worth of things from online stores and none of them working, I scrambled the morning of. The top is from Forever21 and the skirt/necklace from Charlotte Russe.

I fully enjoyed my accessories, though. The first ring is from Express, and the bow ring from BlueLans. I also had a few other stackables and a pretty manicure that I forgot to take a picture of before ripping them all off. 

 Thanks to everyone who tagged their pics! We'll obviously do it for #WYWNYE, so plan on it!


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Panty Buns said...

All the red, white, sparkly, black and green outfit pieces looked nice in the outfit photos above. I didn't go anywhere but I did wear a green top and red full briefs.
You looked fabulous in your Jingle Ball 2014 outfit. My ISP hacked your YouTube embed on that post and showed me a Yahoo Search advertisement in its place. I took a screenshot of it and will make more attempts to watch it. I love the floral lace of that top. I also love the lacy green Forever 21 top you styled in your Christmas outfit.