Tuesday, January 6, 2015

what ya wearin new years eve 2015

I know, I know... I'm hella late getting these posts up nowadays... which is probably why a lot of you forget to even tag your pictures. You've lost faith in me and OH MY GOD I'M SORRY. 

Here are all your beautiful faces. 

@lorismellyz and her side boob looked supah hott!

I love the perfection of @mrskaiyamessenger's makeup and hair

@nicoletheginge looks stunning in red.. who says gingers can't rock red?!

@foreverket was also a beautiful lady in red! 

@toribabyy14 decided to go with my favorite NYE color: purple!

@cadyeimer, @kristendraper and her friend went with blue sparkles.. for the win!

Let's talk about how great @EGNolan's hat is. 

You can't tell, but @alizook's dress is a fabulous purple velvet with some mesh, and @jennay_z is all metallic. 

LOVING @KatieRadio1's sparkly blazer!

It was a beautiful transformation after a workday for @kkaipirinha77

@monie_ WERKIN that leg!

I love all the different styles on @megshughrue and her friends!

Obsessed with Andrea's dress, that she got from the resale app Vinted!

And then some people I spent my New Year with! 

Mike Jones from DC101 was something special.

Seems like America was the theme for some guys. These randos were rocking the shorts. 

My girls were full of sparkles! I also loved the velvet skirt on Keona on the right.

And after I asked you to help me choose my outfit and I *kinda* listened, I decided to go with the option that I thought I'd never find appropriate for any other occasion than me hosting a huge NYE party. 

It happened on accident. I randomly saw the vest on my messy ass floor and put it on.. and magic happened. Once again, it's pretty much all from Charlotte Russe which I hate having to say, but at least it looks good! The only exception: Guess shoes from DSW and earrings from H&M. 

NYE outfits are the absolute best. I wish I could have taken pictures of every person in the building. That would have prevented me from drinking, though. It also would have sucked since I clearly only had my phone camera with me.

Also, I could give you a ton of excuses why I take so long these days but.. you don't want to hear them. SO.. I'll just say one: Life in the office be cray lately. Here's to hoping for a slow-down soon... so I can focus on other work.


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