Tuesday, December 9, 2014

elizabethanytv: another dance dare attempt for the ellen show

Ellen is doing another Dance Dare challenge and just like everything else she asks people to do, I'm jumping in to try and make dreams come true!

It didn't work last time, but they're doing it differently now. You upload a video to her ellentube site and they approve it to go public, then you get views, and... well, I actually have no idea how it eventually gets picked for the show.

In order to switch it up a bit, I had Nico and Vinz who were visiting to help me out around the office! They're the most chill guys, and even their dancing is chill... but we definitely got caught a couple of awkward times.

And for double the chances, I re-uploaded my original video. [Sorry if these auto-play.]

Now I shall watch every day as usual hoping my Christmas wish comes true. C'mon Ellen. Don't let me down. I'm starting to wonder if we're actually the best friends I thought we were.


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