Wednesday, December 10, 2014

show podcasts! crazy people, awkward families, and more!

My favorite part of my job has always been talking to people. Not just celebrities, but people who call in with ridiculous stories. It's like my private reality TV that I end up sharing with the world. If you ever wanna share something, DO IT! The show's direct number is 877-995-4681!

Some of my favorite story-producing topics are now podcasts in case you missed them [effing rude of you].

My MOST favorite: Awkward family stories. No intro needed, really. Everyone has at least one.

Then there are the moments when you're ridiculously heartbroken so you do something silly. A couple years later you look back and realize how nuts you were.

TINDER! My new obsession to talk about, duh. These stories should probably scare me away, though.

And finally, the moment you realized someone was crazy. If you've never had such an epiphany- you're a lucky human being.

I AM lucky I've never had anything close to as terrible as those stories, though. I'm so thankful for you all sometimes for coming up/calling with great stories.

I'm still working on getting that iHeart channel going for you to always catch up on the show, but for now, enjoy this page if you've missed anything. 


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