Monday, September 29, 2014

watch: would you rather with ajr

AJR [they have the "I'm Ready" song with a Spongebob drop] was in the studio a couple months ago and we did the usual Truth or Dare, with one of the truths being a really difficult would you rather question.

They made a video of what it's like to be them, and included me/the game in there! [Skip to about 1:40 to see them at the station.]

Being included in a highlight like that is so exciting! I feel like a real life radio peep or something.

Honestly, I think the most fascinating conversation I had with them was a couple weeks later at a NOW 105 event in Virginia Beach. The youngest one is still going to high school, but at a specialty school where special people go. [Kids of famous people, singers and actors on the rise like him, olympians, and apparently even a professional racer.] He said just like every school- there are cliques and people more popular than others... it's just crazy that those schools really do exist.

Thanks to them for poppin' the question in there and playing along!


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