Wednesday, September 24, 2014

photo diary: wrapping up wedding season in chicago

Continuing on with my year of traveling and weddings, last weekend I headed to Chi-town for my college "roommate's" vows! [I say it in quotes because it was 7 of them who lived together and I lived in "the guest house," AKA a house down the street because roommates and I are never a good idea.]

It was the most extravagant wedding I've been to. Lots of people, beautiful decor, surprise performances from singers and bagpipe groups and probably more that I'm totally forgetting. 

Not gonna lie, I kinda sucked at getting pictures this time because I was running on 90 minutes of sleep, but here's the beautiful couple: 

And the setting of the resort: 

And the dinner/reception setting: 

New mailbox for cards! 

She's giving the table numbers to her BFF for her wedding this winter- recycling for the win!

And my outfit: 

-dress from Forever21! I looked at so many stores and finally sighed before one last try by going in there. I love this beaut. 
-shoes from Ross
-BlueLans necklace

And I did my hair with a little twist, a little braid, and a messy bun. I liked it from the front, but seeing pictures from the back now makes me cringe a little. My make-up was a medium-dark smokey eye with teal worked in the corners/under eye.

I'm quickly learning that my favorite parts of weddings are the "extra celebrations." Like the weekend long excursion in Texas, or this Cubs game that 70 of us went to in a party bus the next morning. Not only does it give us out of towners more time with the couple, but I got to explore the city more, too!

Wrigley field- with bleachers on top of the apartment buildings outside of the stadium!

My only picture with the bride. I'm terrible. But how great does she look for the morning after her wedding?! Props.

With the wedding on Friday and everyone peacing out Sunday, I decided to stay an extra day and explore alone [mostly because I wasn't supposed to be alone, but life happens] and meet up with some radio friends I've never met in real life. 

Radio is cool like that. In every city that I go, I can holler at people I've talked to online a few times and crash on their couch or at least meet up for a while. For Chicago, I met two friends who are close to my DC radio fam, and then two that I have a "let's copy each other brainstorm together" relationship with. 

Check out the view of one of their homes: 


Had to get the Bean picture, obviously. We're making fun of him on his phone, like a true radio peep.

True life: I have a weakness for sunrises and sunsets. Accidentally catching this while walking around was fantastic. 

For being taken on my phone, these pictures are pretty legit, right?! I guess it's not hard with a pretty city. 

 Now I don't have any more trips planned for the rest of the year! I want to go on at least one more, but I have no idea where that will be. An easy ride to NYC? A visit to Salt Lake for my station event out there? I'll figure something out, duh. Suggestions always welcome!

Another congrats to the new Conroys! Thanks for having me out to the beautiful start to your new life!


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