Thursday, June 26, 2014

wearing: blueprint for a wedding guest

It's a big wedding year for me. I'm doing a lot of traveling to see the love going down! This weekend I went to Texas to see my girl Kim marry a great and fun guy, and make everyone shed some tears when she gave his son a necklace during the ceremony.

Normally I go pretty simple with my wedding outfits, but I'm liking the prints this year! With this wedding being on a campsite basically, it was pretty casual, so I went with this fun blue print with short sleeves and a pocket.

I got it from Ross for a whopping $12! At the wedding, I paired it with a different pinkish-jeweled necklace, but really liked this coral color contrast, too! Add some gold sandals and studs and bam! Ready to go with the quickness!

Here's some more scenes from the wedding from my mini cam.

They rented out an entire retreat type site, so everyone stayed in cabins on the river for the whole weekend. 50 of us floated the river Friday, then partied at the river before the wedding Saturday night. This was the scene as I waited for the others to get over their hangover Saturday morning. I swear it was prettier than this suggests.

This is that moment with her new son, and a look at the ceremony. A lot of people came down with beers in their hands [high five]. And I know I sucked at getting pictures of the details, but if you can see her hair when you blow this up, it's gorgeous! They sewed it into a fishtail braid [she's a hairdresser, so magic was possible] like she was Elsa from Frozen.

The ceremony was in a little pavilion on the site, and the decor was so fitting. Mason jars, not super fancy flowers, and burlap. They had a fajita buffet with the works for dinner [and hundreds of pounds of crawfish the night before].

Meet the couple! I had to separate them because they were getting a little handsy! [Syke, I just felt like being in the middle for attention purposes, duh.] 

It was easily my favorite wedding I've been to and gave me a new "OMG I WANT MINE LIKE THIS" idea. They were able to party with their guests for the entire weekend! It was chill, it was a celebration, and there was no pressure. Fun over beauty, my friends. 

So another CONGRATS to Taylor and Kim Honaker! Next stop on my wedding train: LOS ANGELES! 


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