Tuesday, September 30, 2014

photo diary: 80s vs 90s party

Last weekend, the station hosted an 80s vs 90s party with Biz Markie and some cover bands from each decade... AKA my heaven.

I gathered my single girls and we vowed to turn our phones off for the night so we could really have a good time. We had the BEST time, but not a whole lot of pictures to show for it besides what the station took. 

Yes, that's my friend wearing a Purple Parrots shirt from Legends of the Hidden Temple.

Floral bodycons, swing-back shoes, scrunchies, and of course I had enough fanny packs for everyone's outfits.

The bucket hats and overalls! That NSYNC tee!

Those overall outfits, though... perfect.

And of course, a Michael Jackson.

The 80s band looked incredible. If we had a better camera, I coulda shown you.... instead you'll just have to believe me and regret not coming to rage. 

Biz Markie was definitely... interesting. Props to him for making money doing what he's doing.... because he's not doing much. 

And once we got home, we all sent some Snapchats... for some terrible reason, this is what I decided to send out. I'm embarrassing.

 I wish these parties happened every single weekend. Great music, fun to dress up, fun to people watch.... someone help a girl out and let's get more of them!


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