Tuesday, June 10, 2014

wearing: glam'd up and casual peplum

The single worst part about working on Friday nights is having to get ready without knowing what I'm doing after work. I go in around 2 or 3, and try to wear something nice enough for a DC bar, but casual enough for something around the bars in my 'hood.

Last Friday I was excited to finally have a white peplum top that [mostly] fit well. I've been trying to find one for a while and ordered a few from Asos with no luck. Charlotte Russe came through with a textured, open back version that I'm fairly obsessed with. I decided to focus on the back and braid up the back of my hair with a little poof and messy bun.

-Express jeans via TJ Maxx
-black heels from Charlotte Russe
-necklace from Body Central
-silver knot earrings from BlueLans

This angle makes my boobs look a solid two cups larger and I'm not mad about it. 

The bra was my DIY elasti-strap bra! It gave me some back fat I wasn't happy about but I guess that's another sign to get my ass in the gym.

It was pretty messy... maybe messier than I had hoped, but when you're doing a dutch braid upside down, things get tricky. 

Do you like it when people point out how "fancy" you are dressed that day? I'm guilty of doing it to other people, but I really hate it when people say it to me. Why? I have no idea... but I felt awkward all day when people were complimenting me. 

...especially because I had no reason for it. I ended up just going home to prepare for a long Saturday. *sigh*



the workette said...

WHAT in this world do you use for your eye brows or are you THAT blessed?

xo Cassandre

elizabethany said...

haha, I normally use the word "burden" instead of "blessing" when talking about my brows. They're a very large, can't-be-tamed bush. I will say that I used Rimmel's Lash Accelerator for a week or so to make them longer, and that definitely helped if you need to add some strands!