Monday, June 3, 2013

month on pinspiration: a collection of smaller projects

There are some things I did in May that aren't totally worthy of their own post/because I'm late, I might as well bunch them all up... so here we go!

This photography of shaped lights is freaking beautiful.

I've been playing around with it with a couple different things, but it seems to be hard to do in my environment unless Christmas lights are around. Luckily, my dad's drums have some lights all around them. I cut out a little heart on a Post-It Note [it's seriously smaller than my pinky nail], and held it up to the lens.

I'm still no photography pro, so I don't even really know how I was adjusting everything. It's a lot of trial and error. A lot of times the heart/paper was totally visible like the picture on the right. I do like the picture on the left quite a bit, but obviously only a couple of the lights are actually shaped. 

Real photographers are more than welcome to leave a comment and help a girl out... but for now, I'm going to say this is a pin that should be left to the professionals. 

There are a bajillion different drinks and foods that will help you "slim down" for the summer, so I decided to try the "Dr Oz Slimdown Drink" because I've heard a lot of good things about grapefruit juice... and he's a doctor, so duh.

Let me just tell you right now.... this s#!* is GROSS. I poured honey in it, plugged my nose, chugged, and still wanted some kind of a chaser.... and this is coming from a girl who can down some straight vodka like it's soda. The after taste of this is just not okay, and you gotta do it before every meal.

However, there may be some good coming from it. While I don't think it helped me lose any weight or anything, I do think it helped burn the fat of the meal I was about to eat quicker. There was a week that I ate out about half of my meals [had some visitors], and normally I never eat out. Typically I gain a solid five pounds on these weeks, but I felt pretty confident in a bathing suit at the end of it... so that's gotta mean something, right?!

Next up, I got my swim on and "partied" my bathing suit and towel. [In Texas, my friends say they "party" something whenever they switch it up... like upside down sunglasses.]

You've probably seen the many ways you can tie your triangle top to make it a little different... 

Well, most of them make your boobs look absolutely ridiculous. The one I did and totally love and will change my life forever was this one: 

And just to make it more fun, I decided to make one of those towel dresses that people are trying to sell. [Unless you find them for cheap, don't waste your money! All you need is a towel, ribbon, needle and thread.]

The towel that you use is key. I just grabbed an old bath towel that was relatively thin... but if you're looking to be "sexy," or something like it, you want a really thin, long, and skinny towel. You can always try them out before you sew on the ribbon.

Then I just cut two foot-long ribbons and sewed them onto the corners of the towel. BAM! No more wearing an outfit to the beach or pool, cuz this baby is totally restaurant or public appropriate.

While we're showing off our boobs, how 'bout remixing a bra?! It's a genius idea, really. Cut the back off the bra and sew on a couple pieces of elastic... suddenly it's acceptable to see it when wearing a backless shirt.

You're going to have to measure out how long the elastic bands should be for you, but I normally wear a 34B [*GASP!* I'm sharing my bra size with the Internet! Syke. I don't care.] and used 11" pieces of elastic. 

I really wanted to find multiple colors of the elastic and find some clasps to attach so I could switch the straps in and out, but I didn't find multiple colors in store. 

And finally, I did the "no sew pillow covers."

While it's easy to do, it's kinda hard to figure out how much fabric you'll need. I couldn't find a guide for that anywhere, so I practiced with a yard of stretch jersey fabric I ordered for another skirt. For my 15x15" pillows, it worked perfectly, so I went out and got two yards of a cotton fabric to use. It was definitely not enough. I had to use the two yards to barely cover my 15x20" pillow.

I was so frustrated with the lack of fabric that I didn't try too hard to make it a clean knot. Still not sure what I'll do about this sitch.

The one on the right is the stretchy yard of jersey fabric. It's a lot easier to work with and looks cleaner in the end, I think.

 And there we have it! My month of Pinspiration has come to an end. HIGH FIVE!


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