Monday, June 3, 2013

month of pinspiration: that's a wrap! a round-up of my posts

Wow, can't believe I actually successfully completed my challenge! I may have been a couple days late getting everything posted, but I had it all done by Friday, promise! And I don't even feel like I took a whole lot of short cuts!

It was easily the most productive month I've had in a long time. Maybe over a year. I also spent a whole lot of money, but it was [mostly] worth it! With only a couple pinBUSTS, I'd say I did pretty damn good.

Here's a look at all of them:

I actually made all of that [and even more!] within one month. [See all of the posts by clicking here!] Hot damn, it's unbelievable.

It's been really incredible to see a bunch of people tweeting/Facebooking that I've inspired them to actually do things on Pinterest. First of all- saying I inspire you to do anything is one of the best compliments I could ever ask for. Knowing something I randomly challenged myself to do to put on my blog is helping you out is just great... cuz that means you're reading what I'm doing and actually interested. Thank you!

Also, if you do start making Pinspired crafts, outfits, whatever, make sure you send me pictures! I'll definitely be featuring some of yours on the blog, plus I'm just as interested in what you do as you are with me! 

My blog has been through a lot of changes over the years, but I'm excited that it's going in a direction that is really all of my interests and what I do. Not because I'm cocky [attention whorey, maybe... but not cocky!], but because I feel like it's finally unique and it's own thing... not just reposts of others. 

But don't you worry.... Pinspired posts will continue as well as all of the other things I've always liked posting. 

Now it's time to make me some money. Any takers/helpers?! :)


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