Wednesday, May 14, 2014

poll!: help me decide how to paint this furniture!

After your help with my hair turned out to be extremely beneficial, I'll probably start leaning on you to help me make a lot of decisions. I'm pretty terrible at them most of the time. 

Today's bother: How to paint my chest. Toy chest. Seriously. It's filled with nothing but games and toys. 

Originally I wanted to do it all bright blue.. then I decided to only do the top blue, and the bottom gray. Now that I've gotten the colors [and they're probably way brighter than they should be], I don't know if that's the right decision!

Here's a look at my living room as a whole so you can get a feel for it. [Keep in mind it's still in the middle of the from college to real life transformation.]

The coffee tables and my tv stand/shelves are white, and I'll probably end up painting the futon frame gray.... or whatever color you suggest.

Here it is so far. I quickly threw on some of the gray just to show ya the contrast... and some blue to see how it would look down there.

Is there a way to add black paint to gray and make it a little darker?! It's gotta work, right?! That gray is just too close to white for me to love it right now... but still, I gotta make a decision. Help a girl out!

I feel like I'm trying to bring too much color into the room, but like... I LOVE COLOR. And this dark purple/bright blue-ish turquoise have been the colors of my living room since junior year. Why go back now?

If you have any other ideas/tips, comment or tweet me and I'll send you loves and kisses! Or mostly just loves.




Lisa B said...

Beth have you checked out Martha Stewart's paint section at Home Depot? She has GLITTER paint! I have both the white glitter (which is really clear paint with glitter in it so you can apply it over any color of your choice) and the other is black glitter which looks amazing. She has a ton of other shades too. You'll be obsessed! :)

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