Thursday, May 15, 2014

wearing: purple and lace

Do you have any weird fashion rules you've given yourself? For some reason, I can't convince myself that wearing my hair up with a lower-cut shirt is perfectly fine. I don't know why I think it's not a good look, but most of the time, I fine a higher collar when planning to throw my hair up.

So this time, I knew I wanted to do my side-braided-teased-pony, and needed to find a top. This lace tee with pleather lining was perfect.

As I'm typing this, I realize that EVERYTHING I'm wearing is from Forever21, including the earrings and shoes.

How fab are these?! And they're probably the best fitting/most comfortable flats I own. I need to see if they have more of the same, but different. They were only $8!

Playing with purple on my eyes is my favorite. Both of the purples are from Urban Decay, called Fishnet and Ransom from the Deluxe palette.

French braid the sides, tease the top, double band it for some extra kick in the back, and I feel like a rockstar.

This was actually for a day when we had Haim in the studio. We didn't get to record anything, but they were hilarious. Turns out, one of them accidentally slapped Chingy in the face one night when trying to excitedly high-five her friend at a club. Oh, the LA life. 

Someone took the picture on 2 instead of 3. Woops. 

Welp. See ya.