Wednesday, April 16, 2014

what i've been wearing but not sharing

I've been pretty good about actually getting dressed and putting together outfits I'm proud of on a daily basis, but most of the time I never get a chance to take out the camera. Sometimes I get a quick selfie as I walk out the door, though.. and now I'm just going to do a round-up of a bunch of those!

This was a day I didn't have any time to plan anything out, but somehow it still worked! 
-gray tee with an open back exposing my red cami from Kohl's
-red jeans from Papaya
-flats from Charlotte Russe [I think]
-skull earrings from White Owl Boutique
-necklace from Charlotte Russe

This was before I got my new chambray shirt and I was pissed I didn't have one that fit cuz I really enjoyed this outfit otherwise. 
-arrow earrings from F21
-chambray shirt from Target
-green jeans from Charlotte Russe
-terrible gray boots from JustFab
-silver bar necklace from Charlotte Russe

When I need to look decent but don't wanna put in any effort, I reach for one of my three wrinkle-free [mostly] button downs. 
-shirt from Belk for $6!
-Express jeans from TJ Maxx
-booties from Target
-new favorite necklace from Charlotte Russe
-Kate Spade radio bracelet that a listener sent me! [still my favorite thing ever]

As you can see, Slutty Cat is not cool with me taking selfies without her involved... skank. 
-extremely versatile sweatshirt from Target
-green jeans from CR
-lace up boots from JustFab [also terribly uncomfortable but worth the wear]

All of my new go-to's from the past couple months in one outfit!
-tribal graphic tank from American Eagle
-Express jeans via TJ Maxx
-purple-ish leather jacket from Target

Loved this color-palette for Fall! Keep it in mind for later!
-camel tank from F21
-mustard cardi from Papaya
-green jeans from CR
-Steve Madden camel boots 
-leopard scarf from CR

YAY for meeting some Redskins Cheerleaders! And for that fab new shirt. 
-embroidered shirt from Target clearance
-purple jeans from F21
-lace up boots from JustFab

I felt terrible for not having any Nationals gear for the first game, but I have plenty red, white and blue!
-My first ever jean jacket from my clothing swap
-white burn-out tee from Kohl's
-red jeans from Papaya
-fake Keds from Target

The easiest shirt I own. Never wrinkles, covers up any bloating, and looks mostly decent. 
-shirt from F21
-Express jeans via TJ Maxx
-booties from Target clearance
-pink necklace from CR [I think]

And excited for the return of don't-have-to-shave maxi season!
-skirt from CR
-plain blue tee from F21
-necklace from CR
-had aqua sandals from Macy's

I've decided to leave my entire photoshoot set-up out in my living room 24/7 now so I can easily make things happen from now on. Wish me luck.


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