Thursday, April 17, 2014

video: my interview with icona pop

Icona Pop came in to perform for some of my "DC VIPs" [AKA listeners who won] last week, and I got to ask a couple quick questions before they performed.

I took out all the awkward answers, but I would never omit my two favorite questions to ask: What it was like the first time they heard their song on the radio and when they've had a fangirling moment. We also talked about dongs, of course.

Somehow.. there weren't really any ridiculous screenshots than I came across! That's gotta be a first.

If you wanna see their full performance, and a more in depth interview with Toby, click here!

I was really impressed with their performance! And for only having about 10 people in the room, they were all having a great time! I was also impressed that I never had to ask them to repeat themselves because of their accents.


PS I'm still very much in a transition period here. It's hard to find your niche in a legendary station! I've got some more ideas to try out [specifically talking about interviews here], but in the meantime I'm playing the role of extremely tough coach on myself. And this is probably one of those paragraphs I should normally leave out of a blog, but... well... here we are. So thank you for following me through so many transitions through the years. I freaking love you.

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