Thursday, April 3, 2014

wearing: yellow ray of maxi

That's like the lamest of all titles, but I can't believe it even popped into my head so I had to keep it.

Anyway... I've been spending an outrageous amount of time in the office lately and because I always sit in bizarre positions, something comfortable is necessary. Even though I work in radio and no one would give any s#!*s about me rolling straight outta bed and going, I feel the need to get dressed.

Enter maxi skirt season. Covering the [possibly hairy] legs and the most comfortable thing to wear next to leggings. I decided to break out my bright yellow one that I made last year. And now that I finally have a fitting chambray shirt, that was a must.

shirt from Old Navy
shoes from Target clearance
necklace from Charlotte Russe

Natural hair also happens when you're rushing to the office every morning. It's been having an extra curly moment and I'm not mad about it... but is scrunching still a thing?

Keep this in mind... Maxi [skirt OR dress] + Button down = easiest spring outfit ever.


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Panty Buns said...

What a tease! The first photo shows you checking out the back view of your fabulous outfit but you didn't show it in a photo :(( Your D.I.Y. skirt is very pretty and I love that yellow colour. You're very talented and have a lovely figure.