Monday, May 20, 2013

pinspired: i made myself a maxi skirt!

I don't know what's come over me, y'all. It's like... I actually want a sewing machine. WHAT?! I have all of these things I want to make and as much as I pretend my little fusible tape can do it all, it definitely won't... at least it won't look as good.

This time, I decided to make a maxi skirt! I had been boycotting the maxi trend the past two years because I thought it just looked weird on me and I couldn't figure out how to make them casual... but I was loving this easy idea!

I ordered a yard of a jersey material [or so it told me... it ended up being mostly polyester which wasn't awesome] for $4, and got to work!

I took the measurement of my waist, and pinned where it needed to be fused, then basically did a steady diagonal all the way to the bottom of the fabric [at first I did a more drastic diagonal at my hips, but that looked ridiculous].. then I ironed the fusible tape to seal it!

I put it on and folded it over twice and measured out how much I wanted to cut off the buttom, then did that.

And then I cut the tape in half so it was even smaller for the hem "seam."

Voila! I got me a skirt!

The only complaints I have are because of the fabric/hem tape that I used. The fabric/color shows every little dimple I have in my thighs, and shows the hem tape more than I'd like. The seam looks pretty good for the most part, but had it been sewn, it'd be perfect. 

I'd also recommend making the bottom of your skirt more than 5 inches wider than your waist, if you want ample room to walk. I wanted the skinny skirt, so ya gotta decide which one is your style. 

SO... if you have a sewing machine or can pick out your perfect fabric from a store instead of online, I'd say you need to make this. It's so easy, and I will absolutely be wearing it more.


PS: My outfit cost about $10 total, considering the skirt was $4, the shirt is so old but I doubt I paid more than $5 for it, the owl necklace was $1, and I had bejeweled black flops that I *acquired* from a friend.

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