Wednesday, January 22, 2014

snow day outfit, all up in the janus

Sometimes the over-hype of things that happen on the east coast is hilarious to me. I like making fun of people who go nuts... but I hate it when they get me all excited like it's going to be some huge snow storm that I can sled in [even though there are no hills], throw snowballs [at myself, mostly], and have a big snow day party with! Then.. BAM... six inches max... wet roads... and just a cold, un-enjoyable snow.

Okay, I'm done bitching... for now.

Underneath a ridiculous amount of layers for my walk/metro ride to work, I wore this outfit!

[Yeah... I couldn't decide which boots I liked better, so I took a picture with both.]
-sweater from the F21 clearance I told you about for $10!!
-jeans also from F21 $15
-the boots on the left are from Penneys for $20.. the right side is from Target for $17
-hat from Wet Seal for $1

So.. a very simple outfit, but I think the sweater is eye-catching enough to carry it all! I was mostly obsessed with the hat, though. I really want to wear more hats.  

Also... it's obviously not the most flattering sweater. I could be a solid 40 pounds heavier under there and you'd never know... but that's also the beauty of oversized sweaters, I think. 

I can't wait to show you what else I got from the clearance sales the other day! If this salt would go away, it'd be great for saving my new shoes from looking gross on day 1.


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