Friday, January 10, 2014

clearance sales to know about

I don't know what your plans are for this weekend, but I recommend hitting some of your favorite stores. Now that the holidays are over, everything is going on sale for them to get ready for the Spring Break attire. [Crazy, right?!]

This is my favorite time to shop at Forever21. Everything in clearance is an extra 50% off! here are some of the things I'm ordering or think you should check out:

I've seen so many put those lace tops over dresses and I dig it! Plus- sweaters for under $10?! Count me in!

I've been in need of some black flats and a black tank, so those are basic but also fancy! The floral pants are the same ones I have that I've been wearing a little too much, and the striped bodycon skirt is another staple everyone should have.

Also- Express is doing an extra 40% off their clearance! When you add in the shipping, it's not exactly within my "this is an amazing deal" category, but these tops are a steal if you can find them in store!

Some other places I've seen with solid deals:

  • Seems like everything is on sale in the Target stores
  • H&M has a TON on sale right now and it's all free shipping this weekend
  • Wet Seal is an extra 60% off clearance and a ton of things for $5
  • ASOS has an extra 10% off clearance
Let me know if you see any good sales so I can share them! I'm sorry for making you blow your money this weekend but like... it's not blowing it cuz it's worth it!


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