Thursday, November 21, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 112013

"Why are you having to finish What Ya Wearin Wednesday now?! It's THURSDAY!" You're right! You know the days of the week! Now suck it and enjoy. 

[That was a real thing said to me five minutes ago.]

@muchachamary showed off this outfit, that she got for under $40! 

@msjsg also went with red and black, and I'm loving her subtle-sexy bodycon for her job as a teacher!

@stylebyhistory had light colors that still look beautiful in the fall!

@ksnedegar with my fave- braided to the side 'do.. and another fun-colored scarf!

All sortsa color blocking from @JenDBradley!

Apparently @amsnedegar didn't realize she didn't have shoes on... I think she wanted to show off her impeccable matching skills. 

Fun floral pants! @jannashepherd is my trend-twin today!

Can't decide if I like the leather stripe or the laced-up back of the boots on @anam_xo!

And @fangirlrenee knows it's always fun to rock the Chucks!

Also fun: @alliangel324's cheetah fishnet and asymmetrical skirt!

NOT fun: @BrookeRadio's awful sweatshirt... she's lucky she rocks the hat so well.

@tannerlinwood with the skater dress and boot socks! Approve!

Also approving @ms_vdv's tights and little cowboy booties.

How gorg is @bradlisan's 10 minute updo and Marshall's dress?!

And uh... @cadyeimer's new purse... I want it. That color!

Even though she was also inspired by someone with the initials TS, I'm thinkin' @broadway_lover89's new hair is fab.

By now, we should all know @mollskat is going to do some beautiful make-up every time.

Boot socks! I'm glad @kkruz found some she likes, cuz I still haven't.

Chambray and mint! @toribabyy14 knows how to please me.

@lettybradio shows that simple sweaters, leggings, and boots can be cute! And her friend snazzes it up with trendy leathe skirt and fur vest.

And @ambs829 spotted this yesterday... since Halloween season is still going on......... ohhh, Morgantown.

I got an order from Forever21 right before I left the house, and knew these pants would be my new fave/easy to style. They were only $11!, and will match just about anything.
jeans- F21 online clearance
shirt- F21 YEARS ago, but it's still one of my faves
boots- Charming Charlies $5
scarf- $3

I actually liked it better with my white necklace, but I have this weird neck issue right now and it hurts to wear necklaces and ugh that's a whole 'nother story.

I think this week was pretty good! Let's keep it up, ya hear?! And don't forget, you can now use #WYWW if you wanna make it easier.


PS SOME of my faves are posted on the HOT blog!

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