Tuesday, November 19, 2013

outfit: simple and pretty

Jane.com is a new drug. SO many good deals from a bunch of different boutiques, so even if I don't end up buying whatever it is they offer, I'm finding a bunch of cute new websites!

My favorite deals: necklaces. I'll be honest... I normally put a bunch of them in my cart and then get frustrated with $3 shipping and don't end up doing it, but that's cuz I'm hella cheap. When I saw this cute pink necklace [I've been in need of one for two years at least] I didn't hesitate. 

The second it came in the mail, I paired it with this simple gray tee that I wear when I don't feel like trying and new flats I got from American Eagle for $5! Hot pink lip gloss from ipsy made me feel pretty instead of super casual.

I don't typically think of putting gray with nude colors, but I really liked this casual and simple outfit.. especially when it totaled out at $43 with the $20 LC jacket from Kohl's. And to fancy it up a little, I also did braids on both sides of my head into the ponytail, but of course you can't tell in these pictures.

Oh... and don't judge me for the boxes everywhere. I still haven't unpacked everything... ugh.


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