Thursday, October 31, 2013

throwback halloween: 12 costumes I've worn

We won't have a Halloween on TBT for a longgg time, so it only makes sense I share these NOW! Many costumes throughout my years... but I so wish I had more pictures in my possession.

PS... remember... it's not nice to make fun of someone's weight adjustments. 

100% homemade Jasmine costume in 1994!

Pink Ladies in 1999!

And this says 1994, but it was really like 2002... Britney Spears, duh!

The one time I bought a "slutty" costume... a racergirl... in 2006.

2007: All homemade Tinkerbell!

Also 2007: Superman... because I really liked "Superman'ing that hoe." Seriously.

2008: Snow White! Because there were 7 of my BFF's who lived together and wanted to be the dwarfs.

Also 2008: WVU football player! Because I stole some legit game pants from a friend.

2009: Sherlock Holmes, because I was really enjoying stalking the Real World DC cast.

2010: Twitter Bird, because of the MTV T[witter] J[ockey] competition!

2011: Troll! Because I Love The 90s... even though they clearly didn't only exist in the 90s.

2012: Blue meth, because Breaking Bad was my drug, duh.

And this year, I'm Uncle Sam! Once I get better pictures this weekend, I'll post them!

After looking at these I noticed one thing: I was only something slutty when I shouldn't have been- when I was way too young and way too large. Ya live and ya learn.....

Don't forget to tag me in pics of your costume so I can post em!